Team GAD has single passion - To Exceed Expectation, be it of Client, Partners or Employees.
Clients look forward to work with us as we follow timelines, we take ownership and keep stakeholders informed regularly.
Partners find us a friendly ,trustworthy and transparent business knowledgable associate.
Employee get opportunity to learn, freely communicate, take initiative, get paid on time and get opportunity to growth.
The model of treating internal and external stakeholders as team ,taking advantage of collective wisdom has also helped us to exceed our own expectations.

GAD is Choice of Customer because

  • It is growing consistently and profitably
  • Has Deep pocket to invest in infrastucture & Resources
  • Is Technology Savvy
  • Has proven business processes
  • Has Motivated, Knowlagable, Motivated Team
  • Has Rich Candidate Database
  • Has two long decade of experience of market
  • Follows highest level of professional standards related to
  • information security
  • Has good indepth knowledge of all important industry vercals
  • Follows strict Statutory Complience principles

Partners Choose GAD because :

  • It values transperency and is trustworthy
  • It takes partnerss interest in forefront
  • It has access to think tank of industry stalwards
  • It treats partners as their extended family
  • It motivates the partner teams also to act fast and abide by timeslines. This positive back pressure is welcome by forward looking partners
  • It gives on going growth opportunity for the partners

GAD is Choice of Employees because

  • It is equal opportunity company
  • It Values Trust, Transperency & Truthfulness
  • It provides good growth opportunity
  • It is a good & timely paymasters
  • It is women entrepreneur organization following high level of ethical and professional standards
  • It promotes balance of personal & professional life
  • Low attrition & miniscual manpower termination record
  • Open door policy & flat decentralised operations
  • All activies are driven by defined certified processes
  • Innovations and Initiatives are appreciated & well rewarded