GAD is focussed on providingHuman Capital related services to their clients by helping them in the core activity of building their organisation

Strategic & tactical HR Consulting Services
Head hunting and Recruitment Services
Contract Staffing
Competence Assessment & Trilor-made Competence building

GAD's core competence and expertise in leaveraging technology and process orientented self developed best practices has been the key reason of us to achieve our passion of Exceeding Expectation of our clients. The reward has come to us inform of consistent year on year growth of top and bottom line,making us one of the leading,yet low profile, player in our chosen field.

Consulting Services

No business can run without conforming to the Statutory Compliances under numerous Labour Laws such as Factories Act,Provident Fund, ESIC, Professional Tax, etc. GAD offers End-to-End Statutory Compliance Management Services.
We manage Statutory Compliances of organizations with 10 to 10,000 employees and ensure timely payments and complete adherence to the rules and regulations. We can also assist you in getting registered under these statutes and obtain as well as renew the necessary certifications to start providing the services / benefits of the same to the employees

Contract Staffing

Smart organisations by design are Agile. They respect the uncertainty and vulnerability of business environment and are focussed on thier core expertise. We partner with such smart organisation and help in fulfilling their manpower requirement, on demand.
We leaverage our large structured candidate database, excellent referal schemes and mastery over the mechanism for exploiting digital networking sites. Our process are ISO certified, contract staff has low attrition rate and we have inhouse expertise of online and offline skill development of contract staff.

We have high quality standards and this culture has helped us to be hundred percent complient staffing company.

Recruitment and Head Hunting

Sucess of any organisation has a direct corelation with quality of manpower, their motivation and competence, which needs to be dynamic. Organisations across globe have now realised that treatment of resources need to be similar across the hierarchy else it may lead to vision mismatch and will act as an impediment to growth.
Hiring is more of and Art and only a Scientific Process, This realisation and orientation of our management across hirarchies has helped us to deliver right resources on time . Our enhagement model is flexible and our pan India presence helps us to give due importence to contextual nature of this service.

Skill Development

GAD has a panel of expert trainers and leader who have a cumulative expertise of conventional and state of art skill enhancement intervention. In today's competitive and dynamic world luxury of offline trainings are a thing of past. Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills on the fly. TNA excercise is also being used to ensure right training intervention is given to homogeneous crowd.
Our Technology team helps to build eLearning programs and develop LMS for clients to become self reliant and ensure homogenity of training across present and uture talent. development at every level of your organization – anywhere in the world.